Creating a mosaic in the Soviet style "Motorcyclist"

Mosaic of ceramic tiles
for a restaurant in Kostanay, Kazakhstan.

Reference and sketch

On the left is a photo of the original Soviet mosaic, which served as an example for the development of the sketch. On the right is a sketch approved and developed by the artist.
We carry out a lot of orders for mosaics made of various materials, usually we work with smalt, natural stone or glass mosaics. This time we received an order for a mosaic of ceramic tiles in a technique close to the original.
We faced a difficult task: it was necessary to develop and assemble a mosaic in the shortest possible time - 14 calendar days.
Sergey Kolbasov
Head of the ArtWorker Mosaic workshop
Why is it still a ceramic tile?

The customer wanted to get closer to the technique and manner of execution of the Soviet mosaic, the colors, the module and its size were important.

Since the finished mosaic had to be located indoors, we suggested using ceramic tiles to simplify the work, get closer to the technical task and optimize the customer's budget.

The panel was assembled by a direct set on an adhesive film from a large, medium and small module of ceramic tiles.

The tile was cut into pieces with a glass cutter and broken on a special anvil (hardy).
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Fragment of the panel
Mosaic fragment (motorcycle wheel) without grout

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The mosaic assembly process

  • 14 days

    The deadline for all work in the workshop.
  • 5 m2

    The area of the mosaic panel.
  • 4х3 cm

    The size of the ceramic tesserae used in the mosaic.
  • 10 colors

    The panel is assembled from only 10 primary colors.
Several professional mosaic artists worked on the panel - they selected a color palette, ordered the material and performed assembly and installation.
The pre-installation process. Pre-installation is carried out in the mosaic workshop before being sent to the facility for subsequent wall mounting. The reverse side of the mosaic is already bonded with cement glue and mesh, and the adhesive film is carefully removed from the front side for further work with the surface.

Finished mosaic on the object

The final installation of the panel is carried out on site, in Kazakhstan. We prepared the panel for transportation and sent it disassembled with pre-installation already completed to facilitate wall mounting.
mosaic of ceramic tiles, mosaic to order, order mosaic, mosaic in Soviet style, monumental mosaic
Mounted mosaic on the wall of the room

We assemble mosaic panels in any technique from scratch, and also perform mosaic restoration

We assemble a mosaic of glass tiles, natural stone, smalt and ceramics inside and outside the room. We work with large objects and private orders. We restore mosaic objects of any complexity. We will calculate the cost and consult on all issues.