Mosaic "Wind Rose"

Creation of artistic and matrix mosaics for a swimming pool in the village of Lyubimovka.

About creating and installing mosaics

We faced an interesting task: to assemble a mosaic panel "Wind Rose" according to the customer's sketch and create stretch marks on the walls of the pool. Initially, the customer wanted to decorate the pool simply with a mosaic mix, but after buying a mosaic MIX, even before installation, he changed his mind and it was decided to make an art panel at the bottom of the pool and stretch marks on the walls of the pool.
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The assembly process

In our workshop, we disassembled about 70 m2 of the mix and made stretch marks and an art panel out of it. It took about 3 months to assemble and install the entire mosaic for the pool.
The location of the wind rose exactly coincides with the cardinal directions
The main elements of the drawing were assembled in our ArtWorker mosaic workshop, and some of the elements ended already at the object during final installation and grout.

We assemble mosaic panels in any technique from scratch, and also perform mosaic restoration

We assemble a mosaic of glass tiles, natural stone, smalt and ceramics inside and outside the room. We work with large objects and private orders. We restore mosaic objects of any complexity. We will calculate the cost and consult on all issues.