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Mosaic for the Hatt Dam
Work plan.
The text in English is translated through Google translator and may contain translation errors.
General work schedule
August 15 - November 15, 2023
August 15 - 17
Inspection of the object, measurements and preparation of an indicative work plan.
August 18 - 21
Discussion and approval of the plan.
August 22 -
September 4
Approval of materials, from purchase and delivery by plane to the workshop in Dubai.
September 4 - November 1
Making mosaics in the workshop.
September 20 - November 15
Installation of mosaics on the dam.
November 15 - 19
Dismantling of building structures used to create mosaics. Clearing the site.
What is needed to complete the project
Organized and provided by the customer.
  • 1
    Materials (marble, glue, grout and others) for performing the work
    I will help you find the right color of marble and the possibility of fast delivery to Dubai. The conclusion of a contract for the supply of materials occurs directly between the Customer and the supplier. Responsibility for delivery on time is on the Customer, the transport company and the Supplier.
    To select a suitable adhesive and grout, the Customer needs to consult with local manufacturers of materials. Manufacturers of glue and grout will help you choose the right composition for the job.
  • 2
    Arrangement of a place for the assembly and installation of mosaics
    To assemble the mosaic in the workshop, you will need a lot of tables, tools and other materials that need to be provided.
    It is necessary to build a platform on the dam. Since the total weight of the mosaic will be about 60,000 kg, it is necessary to build a platform on which you can place glue, water, grout, the mosaic that we will mount. Also provide lighting and protection from the sun. The scheme of the platform on the following pages.
    I will provide the exact list of tools and drawings later.
  • 3
    Workers of different master levels
    We will need about 80 workers to complete the work. About 50 of them will work in the workshop and about 30 will do the installation on the dam. The work will be in 2 shifts (40 in the first shift and 40 in the second shift). You will also need 3 translators. Half of the workers are tile makers - the other half may be without work experience. Of this number, about 10 workers should be foremen (with experience managing other builders). This number of people will not be required for the entire time of work, the graph of the number of people is further on the pages.
  • 4
    Accommodation for my team
    My team will consist of 15-25 people. It is necessary to provide flights, accommodation, food, water and travel for the team to the workshop and to the dam.
1. Materials.
Information about the selection of materials and their delivery to the workshop.
From the discussion, I realized that it is necessary to make a waterfall effect. To do this, we can use a relief stone on the background. I suggest making portraits with smooth marble, so the water will not flow smoothly and there will be no image distortion.
The relief stone has very few colors and most likely it will not be possible to make a realistic image from the relief stone due to the lack of the necessary colors.
My suggestion for using the stone. If this option is suitable, I will offer more details of the color of the stone.
Size of 1 piece of smooth mosaic 48x48 mm.
Example of a relief stone
The color of the stone similar to the original painting will be selected later. We can additionally chop this stone into smaller fragments to bring the masonry technique closer to the original one.
2. Arrangement of the site.
General view of the necessary tools and equipment of the workshop and dam.
Description of the workshop.
Approximately 800 m2 will be required.

The workshop can be anywhere, but preferably not far from the Dam. Since the mosaic will be heavy (about 60,000 kg), it is necessary to provide convenient unloading of materials and their transportation to the assembly table.
Since I'm not sure there will be a correct translation, the main (but not all) the tools for working with mosaics in the workshop are presented in pictures.

Platform for work on the dam.
The platform allows you to store materials at the installation site and significantly speed up installation.

At the time of installation of the mosaic, a lot of tools are needed, it is necessary to knead the glue at the time of installation (so that it does not dry out), use a lot of water to clean the grout. All these materials will weigh many tons and it is necessary to provide for their location on the Dam. I propose to build such a platform for convenient installation. Since a lot of installation work will take place at night, it is necessary to make lighting (and sun protection) on the platform. It is advisable to provide for the supply of process water for the manufacture of mortars to the platform.
In total, there will be about 50,000 kg of mosaic and several thousand kilograms more will be the weight of water, glue and other materials for installation.
It is better to make the platform in advance before our arrival. My team can make such a platform out of metal or wood (if materials are available), but it will take a lot of time.
If it is impossible to install factory-made equipment, you can consider self-assembly of the platform from building materials.
3. Schedule of work on the site.
At the moment, an approximate work plan is presented. A more precise plan will be provided later.
Work on the creation of mosaics in the workshop is planned to be carried out from 8 am to 7 pm daily.
The mosaic installation works are planned to be carried out from 2 am to 8 am and from 6 pm to 2 am 6 days a week.
General information about the sketch for approval.
The total size of the mosaic is 73.7 x 30 meters.
The whole mosaic is made of marble with a size of 48x48 mm, 20 colors are used.
The whole mosaic is smooth.
Selection of the color of marble with the name.
Selection of marble samples in our workshop