Decorative design of the monument to P. Kotlyarevsky with smalt ArtWorker.

The city of Feodosia, Rep. Crimea.
We often make orders for smalt, which is later used to decorate various architectural monuments. A striking example of this is the mosaic carpet for the monument to General P. Kotlyarevsky.
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Monument to General Kotlyarevsky in Feodosia, Rep. Crimea.
Mosaicists from all over Russia often come to us for smalt for various projects. Some of them are of particular interest, including for the sphere of culture and art. We tell you about some of the projects in our small reviews, and we write articles about some of them. Just like this time. To complete the task this time, a small-format smalt was needed so that the resulting element of the monument (i.e., a mosaic carpet) looked harmonious and integral together with the entire sculptural composition. The ArtWorker smalt, impaled on a module from 1x1 cm to 20x20 mm, was suitable for the task. The artists performing this project selected the material for the entire object from the shades of the ArtWorker smalt palette.

A little bit about the monument...

The equestrian monument to the infantry general, hero of the Russian-Persian War Pyotr Kotlyarevsky is installed on the embankment of Feodosia, where the military commander lived after retirement.

The equestrian figure of the military commander was installed by the Russian Military Historical Society on the embankment of Feodosia, not far from the Art Gallery of the marine artist Ivan Aivazovsky, who was friendly with Kotlyarevsky. The general is depicted on a rearing horse with a saber in his hands and a cloak fluttering behind his back. A bright Persian carpet lies under the horse's hooves.
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The press service of the RVIO TASS clarified that the project of the monument was chosen based on the results of an international open competition. The Creative Council of the RVIO under the leadership of Andrei Konchalovsky chose the work of sculptor Andrei Korobtsov and architect Konstantin Fomin. A unique element of the memorial was the mosaic "Persian carpet", symbolizing the defeated enemy - Persia.
At the moment, the work on the mosaic is finished, and the monument is open to the public.

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