Production of smalt of a given module for a monument to the Great Patriotic War.

Moscow region, Pushkinsky district, village Zverosovkhoz, Tsentralnaya str.
Our smalt is often used to decorate various monumental monuments. Sometimes it's a restoration, and sometimes a new project, as in this case.
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Monument. Pushkino, village Animal farm.
Not so long ago, we received an order to cook red smalt in an amount of more than almost 1000 kg! A prerequisite was the observance of a certain tone and color stretching of the material. The thickness of the module had to be at least 1 cm, since the seams of the finished composition were not rubbed and for the strength of the overall structure, each of the pieces of smalt had to be immersed in the mounting adhesive by at least 4-7 mm. The deadlines for the production of the material were tight (the opening of the monument was planned for the May 9 holiday), so the main work fell on March-April 2020. The task was not easy, because it took time to observe a clear color and tone gradation, as well as a certain tile height and other geometric dimensions.

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The monument was planned to be opened for the holiday on May 9, but due to the introduction of restrictions, due to quarantine, the opening was postponed. At the moment, the monument is completely finished and open to everyone! It is located in Pushkino, village. Zverosovkhoz - on the central street of the city. It is very clearly visible from the main road - you will not get lost! We advise everyone to take a walk and take a closer look at it - it's definitely worth it!

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