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"Roman still life"

Mosaic apron for the kitchen made of glass tiles in the Roman style.
Roman still life. Mosaic of glass tiles in the style of Roman mosaics
The Roman still life is made of glass tiles
Once we received an interesting order for the manufacture of a mosaic kitchen apron in Roman technique. And since in ancient Rome mosaics were made of natural stone, we initially decided to create a mosaic of marble.

However, according to the technical task, the mosaic had to be removable, thin and withstand the effects of high temperature and humidity when using a kitchen stove. For all its beauty, natural stone was not suitable for such conditions, and we suggested making a "Roman still Life" of glass tiles in the style of Roman mosaics. After a detailed study of the mosaics of Ancient Rome, the development and coordination of the sketch, we picked up a glass tile of two sizes (10x10 and 15x15 mm), as similar as possible to natural stone, and started the creative part of the work. After collecting the panel, we filled it with epoxy resin and got a light, durable, resistant to all kinds of influences mosaic in the Roman style, which perfectly fit into the interior of the customer.

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