Chess for MosBuild

In the article we will tell you how chess pieces were created for the MosBuild 2020 international exhibition, what materials were used and show you a small video review of the exhibition itself.
The annual international exhibition MosBuild is one of the most significant events in the field of construction, as it presents a huge range of different materials for finishing, decorating and decorating various spaces (construction or art). In 2020, together with Litokol, we started a project - the creation of six chess pieces for the annual MosBuild exhibition.
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Preparatory vector drawing for six chess pieces, approved by the customer.
Our task was to create six chess pieces, two of which should be decorated with glass mosaic, two with decorative plaster and two with granite. The task was not easy - the figures had to be constructed from scratch, prepare all the drawings and draw them in a vector, prepare and assemble the frame, cut out the basis for the future mosaic, calculate the required amount of material for each of the figures and then proceed to the main work - decor.
Initially, two of the six pieces were to be decorated with mosaics, these are the knight and pawn figures. We collected the pawn directly in the workshop.

How was it

Watch the video with the process of creating each of the shapes. Most of the figures were assembled in production by the ArtWorker team.
We assembled the mosaic in the workshop, and the figures themselves in production (frames were constructed, the base was formed and the decor was made with granite and plaster). The mosaic on the horse figure was later replaced with decorative plaster, in this video it is presented at the exhibition in 2021. In the video with the assembly of figures in 2020 (video above), the horse was decorated with a mosaic.

The exposition of the finished work at the exhibition

The finished project was supposed to be exhibited at the 2020 exhibition, but due to restrictions due to the introduction of quarantine measures, the exhibition was postponed indefinitely.

As a result, MosBuild took place only in late March and early April 2021. Our ready-made chess was displayed there. They decorated the Litokol stand.

At the exhibition, we filmed our video review, which you can watch in the video below.
When assembling the mosaic, we used the "double reverse set" technique
A special color palette of mosaic tiles was selected for the pawn and knight. The approved tile (mosaic) was ordered and delivered to the workshop, and then, according to a pre-drawn drawing, assembly was started. The mosaic was assembled in the "double reverse set" technique on a special adhesive film made of 15x15 mm mosaic tiles for mosaic. After assembly, the front side of the finished mosaic was fixed with the same film and transported to production, where it was subsequently mounted on pawn and knight figures.
Small shots from the MosBuild 2021 exhibition itself, ready-made chess adorn the Litokol stand.

MosBuild 2021 Exhibition

Since the exhibition was postponed to 2021, we managed to film the review quite recently and now we can share our impressions about the exhibition and show you our finished project!

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