Mosaic "Tree of Life"
in the hammam

Bright mosaic panel made of natural
stone and smalt.


On the left is a photo of the original Soviet mosaic, which served as an example for the development of the sketch. On the right is a sketch approved and developed by the artist.
For a mosaic panel measuring 1x2 meters in the hammam, we chose natural stone and smalt. There was a need for a material that would fit into the interior, already decorated with marble mosaics.
The color accent in the work was red smalt – we made ripe pomegranates and birds of paradise out of it. As a result, our fabulous panel in oriental style became the central part of the hammam.
Sergey Kolbasov
Head of the ArtWorker Mosaic workshop

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Below in the photos you can see individual fragments of the mosaic panel, the panel was assembled in the classical Roman technique using a 10x10 mm module.
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Finished panel in the interior

We assemble mosaic panels in any technique from scratch, and also perform mosaic restoration

We assemble a mosaic of glass tiles, natural stone, smalt and ceramics inside and outside the room. We work with large objects and private orders. We restore mosaic objects of any complexity. We will calculate the cost and consult on all issues.

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