Creation of the facade mosaic
"Fox and hare"

The article is about how the idea was invented and developed, the preparation for the assembly and its process were carried out, as well as about choosing a place for the mosaic and its final installation on the facade of the building.
The mosaic project "The Fox and the Hare" is the first creative mosaic project that was carried out by amateurs and professionals of the mosaic business on volunteer terms.
The author of the idea and the project manager Sergey Kolbasov.
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Sketch design of the facade mosaic "Hare and Fox"
The first task that we had to solve was to find a facade suitable for placing the mosaic. Then think over the concept based on its location and only then invite the masters to implement the idea.
Sergey Kolbasov
Author and project manager
The mosaic was decided to be placed on the facade of a private house located on the banks of the Volga River. Since the house was located in the forest, the plot had to match the surroundings, so the theme of animalism was chosen.

Video of the process

Watch the video with the process of assembling the facade mosaic "Fox and Hare".
When assembling the panels, we decided to use two types of set - reverse and double reverse. We collected the fox and hare with a reverse set on the adhesive film, and the background with a double reverse set face up also on the adhesive film. As the main material for the assembly of the fox and hare, we used crushed smalt of various shades (Blend series) and Glass mosaic, and for the assembly of the background - smalt fight, which was available in our warehouse in Moscow.
The works related to the assembly of the mosaic "Fox and Hare" were carried out in the workshop / showroom, and the background was assembled in a warehouse in Moscow. In total, more than 10 mosaicists worked on the project, someone collected a fox, someone a hare, and the bravest worked with the background!
When choosing a technique for assembling a fox and a hare, it was important to make them as realistic as possible and look like real animals! That is why both the hare and the fox were assembled from smalt already impaled on a small module with subsequent refinement of the form to simulate the real fur of the animal. Since there was an abstract drawing on the background, a large smalt module was chosen for it to give the image the necessary volume!

Project Execution Reports

During the implementation of the project, photo and video progress reports were published, you can read them below
It was decided to mount the finished mosaic on epoxy grout (hare and fox) and Kerabond T + Isolastic cement glue (background)
We mounted the finished mosaic on cement glue and epoxy grout. Cement glue was used in the installation of the background mosaic from a large module, and epoxy grout for the installation of a fox and a hare. The installation of the background took place in two stages, first all the seams were thoroughly sprinkled with quartz sand, then the surface was carefully covered with Kerabond T cement glue, then a mounting grid was applied to the glue layer and then another layer of glue on top. Thus, the adhesive base became stronger and more resistant to damage.
In the process of creating the mosaic, there were a lot of questions from subscribers about the technique of typing, splitting and laying out the material, and we took a whole online course "Realistic animalism in mosaic", in which we told in detail about how to create such a mosaic yourself!
The final action was the installation on the facade of the building.
Before the final installation, the seams of the hare and fox were grouted. Then the panels were carefully packed and transported directly to the facility for final installation, where they were safely placed on the facade assigned to them. Installation of the mosaic at the facility took two days. When developing the sketch for the mosaic, places were intentionally left for the installation of the facing stone (flagstone), therefore, during the installation of the mosaic, the facing stone was immediately mounted, which became an integral part of the mosaic panel.

Do you want to learn how to assemble a mosaic in this technique?
We have developed an online course "Realistic animalism in mosaic" where all the processes that were used in the process of assembling the facade mosaic "Fox and Hare" are shown in detail!

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