Мастерская мозаики ArtWorker

Mosaic of natural stone and smalt "Flamingo"

Turnkey mosaic creation: sketch creation, selection of materials, mosaic assembly and installation on site.
The task was to make a mosaic of natural stone, as was done during the Roman Empire, but with more saturated color elements. In our mosaic workshop we have developed a sketch for the future panel. After approving the sketch, we selected marble as the main color and smalt for color inserts. It took about 30 days to assemble and install the panels.
Sketch for Roman Flamingo Mosaic, ArtWorker Mosaic Workshop><meta itemprop=
Approved sketch for the panel.

The process of creating a panel

A few photos of the process of assembling a mosaic panel in our workshop.
The beginning of the creation of the mosaic "Flamingo"
Mosaic made of natural stone and smalt
Selection of the color palette
Let's see how some parts are combined
Continuation of the mosaic assembly
Part of the mosaic panel is already ready
Creative mess :)
The assembly process

Finished mosaic "Flamingo"

As a result, the mosaic fit perfectly into the shower room.
We worked on the project: Sergey Kolbasov - project management, Galina Kolbasova - sketch creation, Tatiana Klementyeva and Anya Bukreeva - mosaic assembly.

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