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Mosaic "Parajanov and "The Color of pomegranate"

Mosaic triptych for the contest of young artists "STARTINART" 2016
Triptych "Parajanov and "The Color of pomegranate", smalt mosaic for the exhibition
Parajanov — the center of composition
Especially for the contest of young artists "STARTINART" 2016, our mosaic artist Galina Kolbasova created a series of mosaic paintings. The main theme of the competition was a fantasy on the theme of cinema.

"On the one hand, the organizers gave the artists complete freedom in choosing the material, and on the other - this year, unlike the previous ones, the masters were limited to a specific topic: "domestic cinema". I decided that the exhibition is a great opportunity to remind people about the masterpieces of Soviet and modern Russian cinema. For me, director Sergei Parajanov became the idol of Russian cinema."

When you think about Russian cinema, the names of directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Egor Konchalovsky, Alexey Balabanov immediately come to mind, but the inspiration for Galina was the poetic film story of the famous Soviet director Sergei Parajanov "The Color of Pomegranate". The film tells about the life and work of the medieval Armenian poet Sayat-Nova, about the history of his love, attitude to religion, secular power and the people. If we compare cinema and painting, then there are films-sketches, films resembling easel painting or graphics. "The color of pomegranate" in its weight and content resembles monumental art.

It is worth saying that the film lacks the usual literary monologue, all the director's decisions lie in a purely pictorial form. The film consists of several separate parts, where each frame is a separate work. Parajanov, as from a kaleidoscope of mosaics, collects the plot piece by piece, frame by frame. That is why Galina decided to perform works in the mosaic technique, a rather rare art form for the STARTINART exhibition.

In the triptych, Galina combined the classical technique of a direct set of smalt and the modern technique of mosaic made of stained glass fragments, and also experimented with a combination of natural materials: canvas, clay, cement colored adhesives and plaster made of natural pigments. Like the director of the film, Galina assembled the pieces of the panel into a single composition.

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