Production of smalt samples for the restoration of the monument "Pioneer badge" on the Sparrow Hills.

Moscow, Kosygina str., 17
We are often ordered smalt for various objects, for example, for the restoration and restoration of monuments. This time we received an application for the production of smalt for the restoration of the monument "Pioneer Badge" on the Sparrow Hills.

A little about the monument

A little bit about the history of the monument.
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Photo of the original appearance of the star, before renovation and restoration.
The monument itself appeared on the Vorobyov (Lenin) Mountains in 1962, together with the opening of the Moscow Palace of Pioneers. The panel of the monument is made in a very original manner - the background around the star is made of concrete and inserts of granite boulders. The fines creating a contour around the star were filled with red and blue smalt. The star itself was made of solid blocks of light stone. A little later, the star was painted over with red paint.

After the restoration of the panel, the original appearance was returned, the star cladding was restored to its original appearance.

The icon was and remains a landmark place both for the people who pronounced their cherished oaths here, and for their descendants, who are interested in the history of our country and the Russian capital.

By the way, the panel does not correspond to the pioneer badges of 1946 and 1964 – this is the author's vision of the pioneer emblem. It received its name "Pioneer Badge" many years later.
This is how the panel looks after restoration. The original appearance of the star has been restored, and the cladding is made of light stone, and the headquarters around are blue and red smalt.

How we made smalt

A little bit about the process of making smalt for restoration
In February 2020, we received an application for the production of red and blue smalt according to Soviet samples for the restoration of the monument "Pioneer Badge" in Moscow on Vorobyovy Gory. The size of the manufactured module was supposed to be about 10x15 cm, 1-2 cm thick (this is the size of a whole brick of smalt). This thickness was necessary so that the pieces of smalt did not fly out and sat tightly in the adhesive solution. It was necessary to produce about 800 kg of smalt in two basic colors and several shades from lighter to darker.

The customer brought small samples taken from the restored object, on the example of which the color and shade of future bricks were made. The task was not easy, because it was very important to restore the original appearance of the monument.

We made several samples, they were needed to find the right shade and gradation of color and tone. The most difficult thing in the process was to create small color stains on the surface of the brick, similar to those on the original samples.
The opening of the monument was postponed several times due to quarantine restrictions introduced in 2020. The monument itself was opened to the public in the winter of 2021, and we visited it in April and filmed a small video review for you, which you can see below.

You can find the monument "Pioneer Badge" at the address: Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory metro station, Kosygina str., 17 (near the Palace of Pioneers).
Our video review of the monument
Watch our short video review!

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